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Elna Cerafine Elna: Cerafine Capacitors

Elna Cerafine

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click for bigger product pic   code: CAP-CER02

50mm vertical mounting clip

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These superbly made audiophile grade dry aluminium electroltyic capacitors from Japan are very similar to the coveted Black Gates, although the Cerafines employ a very fine particle ceramic instead of graphite. The measured and audible improvements reported by many experienced users is similar as well. Consider these Elna Cerafines to be a definite sonic upgrade over conventional power supply electroltyics, second in quality only to the much more expensive Black Gate WKZ series. The manufacturer claims "equivalent series resistance is less than a half the conventional one" for the Cerafines, as compared to conventional electrolytics, as well as greater discharging speed and lower distortion." These type are no longer in production so sources will be drying up.

ALL OF THE CERAFINES WE SELL ARE POLARIZED TYPES WITH THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL CLEARLY MARKED. The clamp-mounted Elnas are attractively finished in a black vinyl sleeve with a gold markings; the negative solder lug terminal is clearly indicated with a bit of black paint ("BLACK NEG." is imprinted on the side of the can). Tolerance 20%. Vertical nylon mounting clip also available.

Order Code capacitance/voltage pitch Physical Size Price (Exc. Vat)
CAP-CERA02 10000uF, 63V tag mounting 51mm dia.x80mm deep 26.00

  • low ESR
  • superb perfomance
  • aluminium electrolytic
  • long life
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