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Takman logo   TAKMAN Metal Film Resistors for Audio (0.25W, 0.5W & 1W)
Extending the range of the incredibly populat TAKMAN resistors from Japan, Hificollective are proud to be stocking the full E24 range of the REY25, 0.25W, REY50, 0.5W metal film, both at 1% tolerance metal film resistor. WE alos have the full E12 range of the REY75, 1W resistors. A thoroughly modern manufactured resistor designed specifically for Audio.
TAKMAN resistors are already extremely popular in manufactured hi-fi, their notoriety excelerated by their amazing sound. specification:
  • Low distortion
  • Non-magnetic
  • Brass end caps and oxygen free copper lead outs
  • Precise resistance tolerance (HFC stock the 1% range)
  • High reliablity
Takman REY metal film resistor for audio equipment has the features that it consists of resistor thin film made mainly of Ni-Cr-Al materials, brass caps and non-oxygen copper wire. High-precision is realized with laser trimming and high stability and high sound quality are achieved with most proper coating. This resistor is usable for any audio components.
During development, TAKMAN recognised how sound is influenced by the various structures and materials used in manufacture. Magnetism, inductance, electrification caused by contact resistance and vibration make the sound flat and coloured. Ultimately you will hear an edgy brightness at the highs but overall a lack of accuracy and detail. To remove these incidental noises TAKMAN developed their first audio grade resistor, the MAESTRO, the predecessor to the REX (carbon film) and the REY (metal film). With outstanding specifications, TAKMAN, by making the best of their know-how and sophisticated technology of a resistor-specialized manufacturer have created the best resistor for your audio equipment or circuits seeking for unlimited high-quality sound.

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Takman Metal Film resistors for Audio
click for bigger product piccode: REY25...(0.25W) REY50...(0.5w) REY75...(1W)
Takman Metal Film resistors for Audio
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      PRICE 1 off (exc vat & carriage)
      REY25 0.25W - 0.45
      REY50 0.5W - 0.65
      REY75 1W - 1.15



to the shop 0.25W TAKMAN metal film resistors REY25 range
price: 0.45 each +vat +p&p

TAKMAN 0.25w metal film resistor

Order Code Resistance Order Code Resistance Order Code Resistance
TAKMAN TYPE - REY25, 0.25W metal film resistors (E24 range) - (2R2=2.2ohm, 1K2=1200ohms, 1M=1000000ohms)
REY25-010 2R2 REY25-015 2R4 REY25-020 2R7
REY25-025 3R REY25-030 3R3 REY25-035 3R6
REY25-040 3R9 REY25-045 4R3 REY25-050 4R7
REY25-055 5R1 REY25-060 5R6 REY25-065 6R2
REY25-070 6R8 REY25-075 7R5 REY25-080 8R2
REY25-085 9R1 REY25-090 10R REY25-095 11R
REY25-100 12R REY25-105 13R REY25-110 15R
REY25-115 16R REY25-120 18R REY25-125 20R
REY25-130 22R REY25-135 24R REY25-140 27R
REY25-145 30R REY25-150 33R REY25-155 36R
REY25-160 39R REY25-165 43R REY25-170 47R
REY25-175 51R REY25-180 56R REY25-185 62R
REY25-190 68R REY25-195 75R REY25-200 82R
REY25-205 91R REY25-210 100R REY25-215 110R
REY25-220 120R REY25-225 130R REY25-230 150R
REY25-235 160R REY25-240 180R REY25-245 200R
REY25-250 220R REY25-255 240R REY25-260 270R
REY25-265 300R REY25-270 330R REY25.275 360R
REY25-280 390R REY25-285 430R REY25-290 470R
REY25-295 510R REY25-300 560R REY25-305 620R
REY25-310 680R REY25-315 750R REY25-320 820R
REY25-325 910R REY25-330 1K REY25-335 1K1
REY25-340 1K2 REY25-345 1K3 REY25-350 1K5
REY25-355 1K6 REY25-360 1K8 REY25-365 2K
REY25-370 2K2 REY25-375 2K4 REY25-380 2K7
REY25-385 3K REY25-390 3K3 REY25-395 3K6
REY25-400 3K9 REY25-405 4K3 REY25-410 4K7
REY25-415 5K1 REY25-420 5K6 REY25-425 6K2
REY25-430 6K8 REY25-435 7K5 REY25-440 8K2
REY25-445 9K1 REY25-450 10K REY25-455 11K
REY25-460 12K REY25-465 13K REY25-470 15K
REY25-475 16K REY25-480 18K REY25-485 20K
REY25-490 22K REY25-500 27K REY25-505 30K
REY25-495 24K REY25-510 33K REY25-515 36K
REY25-520 39K REY25-525 43K REY25-530 47K
REY25-535 51K REY25-540 56K REY25-545 62K
REY25-550 68K REY25-555 75K REY25-560 82K
REY25-565 91K REY25-570 100K RES50-575 110K
REY25-580 120K REY25-585 130K REY25-590 150K
REY25-595 160K REY25-600 180K REY25-605 200K
REY25-610 220K REY25-615 240K REY25-620 270K
REY25-625 300K REY25-630 330k REY25-635 360K
REY25-640 390k REY25-645 430K REY25-650 470k
REY25-655 510K REY25-660 560K REY25-665 620K
REY25-670 680K REY25-675 750K REY25-680 820K
REY25-685 910K REY25-690 1M    

to the shop 0.5W TAKMAN metal film resistors REY50 range
price: 0.65 each +vat +p&p

TAKMAN 0.5w metal film resistor

Order Code Resistance Order Code Resistance Order Code Resistance
TAKMAN TYPE - REY50, 0.5W metal film resistors (E24 range) - (2R2=2.2ohm, 1K2=1200ohms, 1M=1000000ohms)
REY50-010 2R2 REY50-015 2R4 REY50-020 2R7
REY50-025 3R REY50-030 3R3 REY50-035 3R6
REY50-040 3R9 REY50-045 4R3 REY50-050 4R7
REY50-055 5R1 REY50-060 5R6 REY50-065 6R2
REY50-070 6R8 REY50-075 7R5 REY50-080 8R2
REY50-085 9R1 REY50-090 10R REY50-095 11R
REY50-100 12R REY50-105 13R REY50-110 15R
REY50-115 16R REY50-120 18R REY50-125 20R
REY50-130 22R REY50-135 24R REY50-140 27R
REY50-145 30R REY50-150 33R REY50-155 36R
REY50-160 39R REY50-165 43R REY50-170 47R
REY50-175 51R REY50-180 56R REY50-185 62R
REY50-190 68R REY50-195 75R REY50-200 82R
REY50-205 91R REY50-210 100R REY50-215 110R
REY50-220 120R REY50-225 130R REY50-230 150R
REY50-235 160R REY50-240 180R REY50-245 200R
REY50-250 220R REY50-255 240R REY50-260 270R
REY50-265 300R REY50-270 330R REY50.275 360R
REY50-280 390R REY50-285 430R REY50-290 470R
REY50-295 510R REY50-300 560R REY50-305 620R
REY50-310 680R REY50-315 750R REY50-320 820R
REY50-325 910R REY50-330 1K REY50-335 1K1
REY50-340 1K2 REY50-345 1K3 REY50-350 1K5
REY50-355 1K6 REY50-360 1K8 REY50-365 2K
REY50-370 2K2 REY50-375 2K4 REY50-380 2K7
REY50-385 3K REY50-390 3K3 REY50-395 3K6
REY50-400 3K9 REY50-405 4K3 REY50-410 4K7
REY50-415 5K1 REY50-420 5K6 REY50-425 6K2
REY50-430 6K8 REY50-435 7K5 REY50-440 8K2
REY50-445 9K1 REY50-450 10K REY50-455 11K
REY50-460 12K REY50-465 13K REY50-470 15K
REY50-475 16K REY50-480 18K REY50-485 20K
REY50-490 22K REY50-500 27K REY50-505 30K
REY50-495 24K REY50-510 33K REY50-515 36K
REY50-520 39K REY50-525 43K REY50-530 47K
REY50-535 51K REY50-540 56K REY50-545 62K
REY50-550 68K REY50-555 75K REY50-560 82K
REY50-565 91K REY50-570 100K RES50-575 110K
REY50-580 120K REY50-585 130K REY50-590 150K
REY50-595 160K REY50-600 180K REY50-605 200K
REY50-610 220K REY50-615 240K REY50-620 270K
REY50-625 300K REY50-630 330k REY50-635 360K
REY50-640 390k REY50-645 430K REY50-650 470k
REY50-655 510K REY50-660 560K REY50-665 620K
REY50-670 680K REY50-675 750K REY50-680 820K
REY50-685 910K REY50-690 1M    

to the shop 1W TAKMAN metal film resistors REY75 range
price: 1.15 each +vat +p&p

TAKMAN 1w metal film resistor

Order Code Resistance Order Code Resistance Order Code Resistance
TAKMAN TYPE - REY75, 1W metal film resistors (E12 range) - (2R2=2.2ohm, 1K2=1200ohms, 1M=1000000ohms)
REY75-010 2R2 REY75-020 2R7 REY75-030 3R3
REY75-040 3R9 REY75-050 4R7 REY75-060 5R6
REY75-070 6R8 REY75-080 8R2 REY75-090 10R
REY75-100 12R REY75-110 15R REY75-120 18R
REY75-130 22R REY75-140 27R REY75-150 33R
REY75-160 39R REY75-170 47R REY75-180 56R
REY75-190 68R REY75-200 82R REY75-210 100R
REY75-220 120R REY75-230 150R REY75-240 180R
REY75-250 220R REY75-260 270R REY75-270 330R
REY75-280 390R REY75-290 470R REY75-300 560R
REY75-310 680R REY75-320 820R REY75-330 1K
REY75-340 1K2 REY75-350 1K5 REY75-360 1K8
REY75-370 2K2 REY75-380 2K7 REY75-390 3K3
REY75-400 3K9 REY75-410 4K7 REY75-420 5K6
REY75-430 6K8 REY75-440 8K2 REY75-450 10K
REY75-460 12K REY75-470 15K REY75-480 18K
REY75-490 22K REY75-500 27K REY75-510 33K
REY75-520 39K REY75-530 47K REY75-540 56K
REY75-550 68K REY75-560 82K REY75-570 100K
REY75-580 120K REY75-590 150K REY75-600 180K
REY75-610 220K REY75-620 270K REY75-630 330k
REY75-640 390k REY75-650 470k REY75-660 560K
REY75-670 680K REY75-680 820K REY75-690 1M


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