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How To: Glasshouse Mono Ladder Stepped Attenuator


This week Nick's showing us how to assemble a Glass House Ladder Mono Stepped Attenuator, using here Charcroft Z-Foil resistors. An attenuator like this maybe used in a high end pre-amp as a volume control, but can but used for a wide array of attenuation needs!

We sell these pre-assembled here: https://www.hificollective.co.uk/catalog/glasshouse-ladder-stepped-mono-...


To find the parts used in this video please check out:
Seiden switch: https://www.hificollective.co.uk/catalog/seiden-pole-switch-p-4612.html
Charcroft Z-Foil resistors: https://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/car_resistors.html
Mundorf Silver/Gold solder: https://www.hificollective.co.uk/catalog/mundorf-silvergold-solder-lengt...
Vice: https://www.hificollective.co.uk/toolbox/multiangled-vice-p-1449.html

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