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How To: Build the Glasshouse Passive Pre-amplifier (part 4)


Part 4 of the TVC preamp build! In this video Nick shows how to connect everything that has been prepared so far, attaching the transformers to the casing and testing to make sure its all working!

This unit features a transformer volume control, TVC, instead of the signal being attenuated through resistors, the signal is basically piped around the windings of a transformer, the transformer is tapped and switch controlled at the front. Simple. So we thought we would have a go.



The Glasshouse Passive pre-amplifier No.1 has been a great success, which goes to show how passives still have an important role to play in hi-fi. The neutrality and clarity of the little box has won the hearts of many. Featuring the Glasshouse range of stepped attenuators - there is a variant to suit every system and price range.

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