YA Audio multi-strand pure OCC copper cable

YA Audio multi-strand pure OCC copper cable

This extraordinary OCC copper wire from YA Audio is made up of 2 lots of 7 separately insulation wire in white PTFE sleeving. The 7 conductors consists of an inner 0.5mm diameter solid core wire, 1mm diameter with sleeving. Around this conductor are 6, multistrand wires, measuring 0.38mm in diameter, 0.8mm dimeter with sleeving. Each set of 7 wires is grouped together and PTFE sleeved in red or black sleeving. This is cotton insulated, wrapped in gold foil and shielded in OFC crossed copper mesh to provide additional grounding wire if needed. It can be used as interconnect cable, speaker cable and low power mains cable. Provides a rich, clean and airy sound, carrying characteristic of both silver and copper cable. the best of both worlds. Overall diameter is 11mm, outer sleeving is red in colour.

Sold in multiples of 1 metre. We supply in one continous length.

PRICE, 1m length


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