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Everything you need to consider before starting a vintage amp upgrade/modifications.

Nick details how to approach upgrading a budget amp. With step-by-step instructions and where to find the specific components, you would require.

A run through by Nick of some of the wonderful new products we've received over the last month or so. All added to shop and the links below.

Here we build the Glasshouse Ladder Stepped Attenuator featuring the Seiden 4 pole 23 way switch with Takman 0.25W metal film resistors.

Here Nick walks you through an interconnect cable build using Neotech cable and connectors, specifically made for a customer. An excellent introduction for beginners or for seasoned Hi-Fi fanatics always looking to improve.

Here we go through the different makes and types of Selector Switch, all sold by HFC. Including how to modify them for your needs.

Here we have the amazing old school Celestion Ditton 44 getting the upgrade treatment. Please have a read of the blog post to see the full list of components used in this upgrade.

The final part of our mechanical build. Putting all the bits together and testing that everything works correctly.

We're now assembling the second PCB, in the next video assembling all components to the boards.

This is Japanese kit maker Elekit simplest valve kit. Part 1 covers what's in the box and starts the build.

The Glasshouse Interconnect kit 14, consists of Amtrans Triple Twist Gold Plated Copper Wire, with Switchcraft Gold Plated XLR connectors. The video details the build of both the screened and non-screened versions. Enjoy

Detailing bipolar electrolytic capacitors for loudspeaker crossover use. Introducing the new values on Mundorf AC ECAPs exclusive to HFC. We now stock some of the old values commonly used in vintage loudspeakers.

Glasshouse/NOS Audio Note Switch, Takman 0.25W Carbon, Stereo Shunt Stepped Attenuator build

The final part of the Elekit TU-8500 Tube Pre-amplifier Kit with Phono Stage build.

Continuing the build of the Elekit TU-8500 Tube Pre-amplifier Kit with Phono Stage. We're now in full swing assembling our PCB.

In this first part of the series, Nick will be walking you through the Elekit TU-8500 Tube Pre-amplifier Kit with Phono Stage. Showing you everything included with the kit and then starting to put it together. Please subscribe so you don't miss the rest of this project.