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Black Gate Electrolytic Capacitors

Some of you may be aware of the news that Black Gate production will soon be coming to a close in Japan. This is a result of the company that makes them under license from the inventors, giving notice. Therefore, we would advise people to stock up on values required for future projects asap as the prices will surely rise. Hificollective will be investing heavily in Black Gate stock. We will keep you posted on any updates

There are very few audio parts that promise a guaranteed improvement when replacing practically any other part, but this is what the BLACK GATE™ capacitors actually do. Exchanging any electrolytic capacitor anywhere in the circuit of a CD-player, amplifier or in the crossover of a speaker will greatly improve sound quality. BLACK GATE™ are recognised worldwide as the best electrolytics capacitors money can buy.

They are available in many different versions and quality levels to suit a wide range of applications, below is a brief description of each type.
Standard type- wide voltage and value range, priced to replace any conventional capacitor
AC type- non-polarized type primarily for speaker crossovers, low E.S.R. type
C type- designed as a replacement for tantalum capacitor, very low leakage and distortion
The K Series, the K, FK, VK Types- versions of the Standard types with better construction to mimic non-polarized structure
N, Nx type- the king of electrolytic capacitors
NH type- non-polar power supply capacitors
WKz type- high voltage power supply reservoir capacitors for valve amplifiers, conventional size to allow easy exchange
WK type- power tank, compact long life power supply type

Black Gate Standard Type:
Black Gate Standard Type The champion of electrolytic capacitors, sonically superior to all conventional electrolytic capacitors by a substantial margin, they offer very low noise, low distortion, and wide bandwidth.
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Black Gate AC Type:
Black Gate AC Type For loudspeaker crossover networks, provides a solution to the problem of linear low level signal energy transfer, better than every plastic film capacitor available, second only to copper or silver foil capacitors.
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Black Gate C Type:
Black Gate C Type Designed for coupling between circuits with a direct current potential difference. Features better leakage and distortion characteristics than tantalum film capacitors. Lead lines fixed with resin for resistance against shock noise. Capable of transmitting signals at a high level of performance in a physically very small electronic package, suitable for use in high gain pre- and power amplifiers, small audio systems and video applications.
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Black Gate K Series:
Black Gate K Type Successfully eliminating ion distortion and other non-linear distortions, which are inevitable in conventional polarized electrolyte capacitors due to the fact that the electrodes are non-reversible. The K series Black Gate™ capacitors keep the total amount distortion down to below minus 150 dB, which is comparable with high performance film capacitors. Can be used in any application, high quality audio, video, communications and military equipment.
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Black Gate N Type:
Black Gate N Type Developed from the already remarkable K series capacitors, this is the ultimate electrolytic capacitor for low voltage small signal use. A family of completely symmetrical electrolytic capacitors, which function as film caps within the specified voltage range, but exceeds their performance in a smaller size can for the capacitance. Achieves previously unrealized performance from NFB circuits, coupling and bias circuits, digital applications and most audio. The Nx is a further improvement on the N type.
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Black Gate NH Type:
Black Gate NH Type Non-polar types with high voltage AC operation in mind, extended up to 350 volt. This allows them to be used in power supply applications where the ultra low loss and other characteristics revolutionize power supply design and performance.
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Black Gate WKz Type:
Black Gate WKz Type Replaced the earlier SKz type. The WKz are developed for use in vacuum tube amplifier power supply smoothing. Unrivalled in bandwidth and across-band transparency, clarity, presence and resolution this is the only smoothing capacitor for high quality valve amplification!
full WKz type listing  

Black Gate WK Type:
Black Gate WK Type The WK "power tank" adds to the already tremendous advantages of the non-polarized capacitors by offering high voltage operation, The power tank is an innovative capacitor capable of handling high voltages and currents combined with long life and an asymmetrical non-polarized construction and small size.
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