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Mills Series Non-Inductive wirewound power resistors are very popular in audio, infinitely better than the ceramic "grey" type. An Aryton-Perry design with tinned copper leads, silver plated end caps. The core material is an alumina ceramic, providing significantly broader heat dissipation compared to that of normal steatite ceramic core. There are no magnetic materials used in these resistors. Applications include cathode resistors on valve output stages, power supplies, valve anode resistors and in speaker crossover networks. We stock MRA12, 12W range and the MRA05, 5W range. Please note it is sonically better to use a higher power resistor due to increased surface area. Tolerance is 5%.

BODY: diameter: 8mm, length: 38mm
LEAD: diameter: 1mm, length: 30mm

PLEASE NOTE that some resistor valves are finished in BLACK

PRICES MRA12, 12 Watts:
0.1R to 330R - 4.00 + vat each
390R to 2K2 - 4.40 + vat each
2K7 to 6K8 - 5.40 + vat each
7K5 to 15K - 6.00 + vat each
18K to 91K - 6.40 + vat each

BODY: diameter: 4.5mm, length: 15mm
LEAD: diameter: 0.8mm, length: 35mm

PRICES MRA05, 5 Watts:
0.1R to 5K1 - 2.50 + vat each
5K6 to 27K - 2.95 + vat each

read the data sheet Mills datasheet

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Mills MRA12 Wirewound 12 Watt Resistors
click for bigger product pic MRA12, 12W mills resistor
Mills MRA05 Wirewound 5 Watt Resistors
click for bigger product pic MRA05, 5W mills resistor
Mills MRA12 Wirewound 12 Watt Resistors

Mills MRA05 Wirewound 5 Watt Resistors


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