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V-Cap Capacitors Nichicon Electrolytics Mundorf Capacitors
V-Cap capacitors
We are proud to announce we now have stock of the full range of the amazing V-Cap range of capacitors, the copper foil in Teflon, CuTF, the tin foil in Teflon, TFTF and the oil impregnated Metalized Polypropylene, OIMPs.

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Nichicon manufacture excellent value electrolytic capacitors specifically designed for audio. We now stock the KZ, FW, ES GB.DB and FG type. With Black Gate stocks deminishing fast, these are a great alternative.

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Mundorf logo

the Mundorf capacitor range
World reknown Mundorf, produce an excellent range of audio grade capacitors, with many types available. Polypropylenes - Zn, Supreme, Silver/oil, silver/gold, silver/gold/oil - superb for signal circuits and loudspeaker crossover. Bipolar electrolytics. They also make high quality PSU caps - high current electrolytics for solid state applications. High voltage for valve PSUs, making both electrolytic and compact polypropylenes.

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new product  ClarityCap Polypropylene new product  Jupiter Capacitors new product  Duelund Capacitors
Clarity Cap
Specially developed to meet the needs of the professional audio engineer in both hi-fi and studio monitoring, these polypropylenes are amazing given their low price tag. From the ES range to the ESA 250V and 630V range and the superb MR range. New in, are their compact power supply TC caps.

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Jupiter capacitors
We now stock all 5 types of Jupiter capacitors Beeswax HTs, Flat Stacks, Red Astrons, Yellow Vintage Tones and the all new Copper in Wax capacitors.

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Duelund capacitors
Duelund Coherent Audio from Denmark make seriously esoteric components for crossovers and signal use. Featuring Virtual Stack Foils and CAST types made of pure copper or silver. Also their Alexander Copper Foils and their brand new RS capacitors.

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Obbligato new product  SuperCap - Robert Hovland Series Elna Cerafine & Silmic Electrolytic Capacitors
Obbligato capacitors
Obbligato offer superb low cost polypropylene capacitors in their Gold Premium range and longlife film oil capacitors.

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SuperCap - Robert Hovland Series
Robert Hovland is back, newly created SuperCaps are on our shelves. These film and foil polypropylene caps are truely superb.

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Elna Cerafine and Silmic Capacitors
With the demise of Black Gates these Elna capacitors offer rhis range od superb high end alternative electrolytic capacitors, all at an excellent price

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new product  Jensen Capacitors Rike Audio S-Cap Audio Note Paper in Oils
Jensen Capacitors
We now have big stocks of the World famous Jensen capacitors from Denmark. These include their Aluminium foil, paper in oil, Copper foils, axial and radial electrolytics. Great for valve equipment and all at a great price.

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Rike Audio S-Cap capacitors
New from Germany, highend aluminium foil, paper in oil capacitors for all your valve equipment needs.

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Audio Note Paper in oils
The Audio Note™ audio signal capacitors is the best and most competitive range of audio signal capacitors available by some considerable way. They are available in three different versions and quality levels to suit a wide range of applications.

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MusiCap Polypropylene capacitors new product  Polystyrene Capacitors new product  Silver Mica Capacitors
MusiCap Polypropylene capacitors
New for the USA, MusiCap offer amazing polypropylene capacitors, numerous values and voltage ratings, great for loudspeaker crossovers.

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polystyrene capacitors
Polystyrene film capacitors are back, amazing stablility low cost caps, superb in feedback network, equalisation circuits and as valve decoupliers. The full 630Vdc range available from 22pF to 10000pF.

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silver mica capacitors
Silver Mica are very high reliability and stability caps used in signal, tone control, feedback, RIAA applications. 1pF to 10000pF values available.

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  Jantzen Z-Cap Capacitors Black Gate Electrolytics new product  Ampohm Capacitors
jantzen Capacitors
Try the amazing Jantzen capacitors, top 3 ranges of polypropylenes available, superb for valve amplifier signal capacitors. Plus their full range of bi-polar electrolytics.

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Black Gate Capacitors
There are very few audio parts that promise a guaranteed improvement when upgrading, but this is what the BLACK GATE™ capacitors actually do. BLACK GATE™ are recognised worldwide as the best electrolytics capacitors money can buy. Black Gates are no longer made so we now have limited stocks. Click HERE to check availability.

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Ampohm Aluminium Foil
Choose from the brand new Ampohm range of Aluminium foil capacitors (made in England). These supreme low cost casp rival Jensen`s Aluminium foil. New to hificollective are their copper foils.

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F&T Electrolytics Vishay Sprague Atom TVA Electrolytics LCR Electrolytics
FandT Electrolytics
High quality, low price axial and dual radial electrolytics from Germany. Highly popular in the DIY community.

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Vishay Sprague Atom Electolytics
Amercian high quality axial electrolytics, very popular amoungst repairers and upgraders.

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LCR Electrolytics
No longer made these sturdy electrolytic are brilliant in power supply applications. Highly sought after.

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Amtrans Capacitors Auricap XO Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors Axial PSU capacitors
amtrans capacitors
Fabulous signal caps from Amtrans, the AMCH 100Vdc polyprops and the AMCO 630Vdc metalized PET caps.

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Auricap XO Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors
We are now have stock of the superb Auricap XO range of polypropylene capacitors. A large range of values & voltages for all your xover and signal needs.

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Axial PSU electrolyics
An excellent low cost answer for those searching for high voltage power supply electrolytics that can be fit easily to tag boards.

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  SCR Teflon Tin Foil Capacitors NOS Elna Axial Electrolytics Audio Note Electrolytics
SCR Teflon Tin Foil Capacitors
Try the amazing SCR Teflon capacitors, rated at 1000V, superb for valve amplifier signal capacitors and incredibly affordable too.

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NOS Elna Axial electrolytics
NOS Elna Axial electrolytics
Great quality "New old Stock" axial electrolytic capacitors from Elna. High reliability and good sound.

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Audio Note electrolytics
Audio Note`s range of electrolytics. All 500Vdc rated we have the Standard and the amazing Kaisei electrolytics, the Black Gate replacements. Ideally suited to valve power supply.

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