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A key part of any hi-fi is the volume control. Here we list many for all the leading Audio Grade manufacturers such as AB Elektonic, Allen Bradley, TKD, Noble, Audio Note, Alps, and newcomer TOCOS.

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Here we have a selection on the World Famous Allen Bradley carbon track potentiometers. All unused "new old stock", all in original boxes. We have...

Allen Bradley potentiometers

High quality 1 watt rated wirewound potentiometer, excellent solution for humbucker circuits.

AB Elektronik ABW1 Series 1W Wirewound potentiometer

New to the Audio Note range we have the 100K balance potentiometer, amazing quality. Fully encapsulated, solder tag version.

Audio Note version 2 stereo 100K volume control as used in their finished products. Super quality.

An encapsulated stereo, dark blue plastic bodied, dual pot used in numerous high quality applications.

Exactly the same characteristics as the "blue beauty", but with the added convenience of being motorised.

High quality Glasshouse Remote Control kit for the Alps & TKD Motorised Potentiometers, designed by Nick Gorham.

Rugged construction, metal bush and shaft, carbon brush wiper. Ideal for use as a "humbuckers" for directly heated triode amps, to cancel out hum....

A black metal alloy, encapsulated dual hi-end pot, used in Audio Note equipment and hard to source.

The TKD (Ko-on) potentiometer is highly regarded, probably one of the best pots in current manufacture, as used by Audio Note.

TKD 2CP-2500 Series Potentiometer

New for hificollective, the 2CP-601 and the 2CP-601S (stepped version) taper stereo volume controls.

TKD 2CP-601/S Potentiometer

Motorised version of the fabulous stereo TKD 2CP-2511 volume potentiometer. Provides excellent performance.

TKD 2CP-2511 MC Motorized volume control

Amazing carbon track mono potentiometers from TOCOS. Great from guitar amps.

 Mono potentiometers from TOCOS

The Cosmos pots are carbon track and they are incredibly well engineered, on some that have been tested the channel balance was 1.2dB thus providin...

Drawing of the Tocos Cosmos RV24 potentiometer

If you want to position your potentiometer are the rear near your inputs then you will need one of these.

Extension Kit, Frame, Bush, Rod & Coupler

Stainless steel rod, non ferous, non magnetic, high strength. 300mm length x 6mm diameter, can be easily cut with a hack saw.

To connect the shaft of a potentiometer to an extension rod. Will hold both elements tightly.

Shaft Coupler, for 6 - 6.35mm diameter shafts