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BOOK WRITE-UP Solid State Books: National Semiconductor Audio/Radio Handbook
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National Semiconductor Audio/Radio Handbook

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Reprint of the 1980 handbook produced by National Semiconductor for the application of operational amplifiers to audio circuits. The introduction provides a detailed explanation of the IC parameters applied to audio followed by chapters on design of preamps, tone controls, filters, power amplification, radio, and others. The "Floobydust" section is a mixed bag of miscellaneous topics not covered elsewhere.

"The topics that are covered are done well, with both practical overviews and all the mathematical detail you need to design high-quality circuits." --Charles Hansen












PRICE excluding carriage:   UK / EUROPE / REST of WORLD - 13.50
  • Solid state devices:
  • full data
  • Circuits for:
  • pre-amplifiers
  • amplifiers
  • AM, FM and FM stereo
  • Floobydust
  • paperback
  • black and white print
  • approx. 200 pages
  • 170mm x 228mm
  • 450g
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