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Audio Note 4242E / 211

Psvane have long been regarded as the best Chinese made valves. Hi-fi Collective have been stocking them for some time and Audio Note uses them in the container full for their finished product.  So there is no surprise to learn that Audio Note and Psvane have collaborated to create the amazing 4242E valve. 

A 211 equivalent valve constructed with a Molybdenum anode. The old WE242E and the STC4242A were similarly made with a Molybdenum anode. New old stock that is hard to come by and when they are they are incredibly expensive. So this makes the Audio Note 4242E at £800.00 a pair an absolute bargain. A nice touch is a small badge inside the valve with the Audio Note logo and a serial number.  

Molybdenum is extremely hard and difficult to work with an very high melting point, above 3500 degrees. Special tooling has been used to create for the form required. This makes it very expensive to make. The end result is a very strong long life valve with a beautiful tone and detailing.

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