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Here we have numerous lines from the amazing Audyn range of capacitors. The True Copper, the True Silver and Reference to name a few.

The 3rd Genaration of the Audyn True Copper series of capacitors. The Copper Cap max, combines the technology and advantages of the Audyn True Copp...

Audyn True Copper Max Capacitors

The Audyn True Copper Caps are copper foil polyproylene capacitors.

Audyn True Copper Caps

The Audyn True Silver are a high performance audiophile capacitor. They are a silver metallised polypropylene capacitor, with pure silver lead outs...

Audyn Cap True Silver

The Reference series offer a detailed, open sound. A step up from the popular Plus series.

Audyn Cap Reference

Polypropylene capacitors, constructed with two separate polypropylene foil connected in series, bi-filar. Thus they are non-inductive with damping...

Audyn Cap MKP Plus

High quality axial tin-foil/polypropylene capacitors recommended for active audio circuits. Perfect, high quality capacitor for active audio circui...

Audyn Cap KP SN

The Audyn fine first are Aluminium foil. paper capacitors with mineral oil impregnation. They are rated at 400Vdc and a capacitance range from 0,01...

Audyn Fine First Caps

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