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Fabulous signal caps from Amtrans, the AMCH 100Vdc polyprops and the AMCO 630Vdc metalized PET caps. We now have the all new AMCY Aluminium foil paper in oil caps.

Here we have the all new Amtrans AMCY Aluminium foil paper in oil capacitors. The outer shell in enclosed in insulating plastic over a brass tube....

Amtrans AMCY Golden Black Capacitor

The new Amtrans AMCH range are low cost high performance alternative to polystyrene and silver mica capcitors. Great in RIAA circuits, tone control...

Amtrans AMCH

The new Amtrans AMC0 are metaliized PET film capacitors rated at 630V and highly recommended for valve amp signal use. Leadout are gold plated OFC....

Amtrans AMCO

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