Powertron FPR2-T218 30W Metal Foil Resistors

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Powertron FPR2-T218 30W Metal Foil Resistors

New to Hificollective are these amazing bulk foil resistors in a TO-218 (TO-247) housing from Powertron. It is rated at 3W in free air but with a maximum of 30W rating when fitted to a heatsink. These gems are ideal for crossover networks with a truly neutral sonic characteristic. Used throughout the industry, they are available from 0.002R to 20R. We carry 0R47 to 18R to cover the popular values used in crossovers. They offer an incredibly stable resistance up to around 65 degrees, providing a constant performance no matter how loud you play your music.

For those of you who require a higher power rating for the FPR2-T218, we now stock the Ohmite E2A-T247-38E heat sink that performs up to 5.4 watts. This is plenty for most domestic hi-fi speakers and keeps the overall size usable.

Power rating: 3W (free air) to 30W (with heatsink)
Tolerance: 1%
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 130 Degrees C
Resistor material: CuNiMn-Foil
Substrate: Anodised aluminium
Leadouts: Tinned copper

size (without heat sink)
resistor body - 15.5mm (w) x 21mm (l) x 4.6mm (d)
resistor lead-outs - 1.4mm (w) x 15mm (l) x 0.8mm (d)

size (overall with heat sink)
16mm (w) x 45mm (l) x 24mm (d)

If you are looking for a specific value, we have added a RESISTOR FILTER to speed your search up.


FPR-2T resistor - £13.60 + vat
Ohmite E2A-T247-38E Heatsink (including a bolt and mica insulation pad) - £3.00 + vat
SK-129-38-1-STS: Fischer Elektronik Heatsink  (including a nut and bolt and mica insulation pad) - £4.40 + vat
MREU-COOL.RD: Mundorf Ultra Heatsink for (including a nut and bolt and mica insulation pad) - £5.62 + vat


"At first, I thought I made a mistake by putting a higher value, 5.6 ohms instead of 5 ohms, in my crossover. The top end was extremely recessed compared to the previously fitted Riedon UB12 R5 resistor. The mids had been nice and expressive.

But wow, these resistors opened up after only 5-10 hours. Very natural, clear, and pleasing results. These are the best resistors I've used so far.

Initially, I thought these had a similar sound signature to the Caddock thin film MP 930 I had used in the past, but after some burn-in, they are more transparent.

Thanks for the recommendation. Great service." - Mr W M


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