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Axial & Radial PSU

Axial Radial PSU

Great low cost axial & Radial electrolytic capacitors.

We stock the 25V and 450Vdc range from Suntan and Unicon

The following range of axial electrolytic are good quality capacitors, ideally used for valve power supply application.  They fit snugly on either the range of Glasshouse silver plated turret tag boards or the standard paxolin board, both types available from Hificollective.

We also stock the 600Vdc range from MIEC

"Fresh" stock general purpose elecytolytics from MIEC, rated at 600Vdc so great for valve applications. Good quality, low leakage, low dissipation capacitors. Long axial tinned copper-ply leads for easy "under chassis" installation. Construction: Aluminum (compact size / dry type) Polarized. Good solderability.



Tolerance: +/- 20%
temperature range: -40 to 85 degrees C


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