XLRs Sockets and Plugs

Here we have XLR plugs and sockets from Cardas, Neotech and Switchcraft.

Cardas, USA, uses the finest materials in the manufacturer of its connectors. They are concerned with the sonic performance of each part and how it…

eautifully crafted XLR plugs from ETI Research to further extend their amazing range of connectors.

To compliment Neotech`s exquisit range of wires we have here their XLR connectors, superb quality.
Switchcraft, USA offer high quality connectors at a reasonable cost. They are very popular in the professional audio and the guitar market.

Viablue, Germany, offer high-quality high copper content brass, gold plated XLR plugs at a sensible price.

The beautifully crafted XLR plugs from Xhadow, expensive but we feel you can buy no better.

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