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Valve Bases

We stock a massive range of valves bases, B7Gs, B9As, octals, UX4s, bases for the 211/845 family, we also have the screening cans for the B7G and B9A.

Bases for valves such as the EL34 & KT88. Huge range stocked, chassis and PCB mount.

Octal valve bases, 8 pin

Valve bases for 9 pin, B9A valves. We stock Audio Note, CMC and standard brands.

B9A valve bases, 9 pin

7 pin, B7G valves bases, PCB and chassis mount, supports 7 pin valves such as the 6AU6.

B7G valve bases, 7 pin

Valve bases that fit 4 pin, UX4 valves such as the famous 300B and 2A3 valve.

4 pin, UX4 valve bases

To support the large 4 pin 211 and 845 family of valves we have numerous valve bases.

9 pin, magnoval, B9D valves bases. Valve bases used by PL519, 6CJ3, EL504, EL509, EL502, 6LQ6, 7868...

Magnoval, B9D, 9 pin

Suitable for 5 pin, UX5 valves such as 27, 33, 47, 56, 76, 27, 807 etc...

5 pin, UX5 valve bases

Suitable for 6 pin, UX6 valves such as 42, 43, 48, 75, 89, 6E5, WE310a etc...

5 pin, UX5 valve bases

Suitable for 7 pin, UX7 valves such as 1625, 6A6, 6E6, 2A7, 813, FU13 etc...

7 pin, UX7 valve bases

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