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The Dutch company, Tentlabs make very high specification digital and power supply modules, including fully built CD/DVD clocks, DACs, power supplies, valve heater supplies and remote control volume controls. See PRICES for Tentlabs Modules.

Volume can be set in 64 steps of exactly 1.0dB by rotating the encoder. Additionally, 4 inputs can be chosen by pushing the encoder. Philips / Mara...

Tentlabs Volume Control

Valve heater supply by Tentlabs, fully built module. There are 3 versions available.

The E-choke is novel upgrade to the standard choke, rated at 500mA dc, 450V dc, is can be used with valve equipment.

The mini electronic choke offers astounding performance at staggering small volume, weight and price.

Tentlabs shunt regulators are designed to upgrade power supplies of both analog and digital circuits, mostly found in CD/DVD players, DACs and simi...

Substituting the standard clock with a new clock oscillator, designed with low jitter in mind, will greatly enhance the sound quality of your digit...

TentLabs XO-2/XO-3

Most commercially available DACs contain industry standard clock recovery circuits, producing typical jitter values up to, and over 200 ps. XO-DAC...

TentLabs XO DAC Upgrade

XO supply is a seperate power supply for all XO clock products. As with many circuits, they are all affected by the power supply. The noisy environ...

TentLabs XO-Supply

Valve heater supply by Tentlabs, fully built module.

Tube Heater Supply

Power tubes need to be biased at a constant current, to achieve optimal performance of the amplifier. Both cathode and fixed bias methods suffer fr...

TentLabs Negative Bias Supply Module

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