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Development Tools

For those among you who are budding designers and experimenters we have a range of products from Intertechnik to assist your speaker design projects.

A development tool for loudspeaker designers / experimentors. This solid board houses 39 Intertechnik 10W ceramic resistors of differing values....

1384653: Intertechnik Multiresist 0.1R to 100R

A development tool for loudspeaker designers / experimentors. The thick board houses a large muilti-tapped capacitor, providing values from 0.1uF t...

1384652: Intertechnik Multicap 0.1uF to 100uF

A large air core multitap inductor with16 taps from 0.39mH to 4.7mH, great for developing.

1384650: Intertechnik Multicoil 0.39mH to 4.7mH

A large ferrite multitap inductor with taps from 4.7mH to 22mH. Great for the development of speaker crossover.

1384651: Intertechnik Multicoil 4.7mH to 22mH

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