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ANK delivers world-class (CCore and EI core), DAC, Pre-amp and Phono technology along with 300B, EL34 and EL84 amplification ( Monoblocks, Stereo versions, Interstage coupled) all in DIY form  With Levels 2 to 5 there is some amazing DIY audio available for all budgets. For up to date information on the ANK range of kits please visit

Please note we are no longer selling ANK Kits so please contact them directly with your enquiries.

The aim at ANK kits is to provide hi-end audiophile performance at prices most people can afford. The range of DAC kits does just that starting with…
The latest version of the DAC3.1 for 2014 is using our new upgraded EI core transformers – we have put them on a slightly larger core for improved…
For the ultimate in Digital reproduction the DAC 4.1 offers velvet smooth operation with no digital artifacts or treble edge.
This amazing pre-amplifier has gorgeous tonal qualities that will outperform many extremely high end pre-amplifiers.
This transformer coupled line pre-amplifier is the ultimate in audiophile DIY engineering.
The L3 Phono is designed for Moving Magnet cartridges with 47K input impedance and provides superb sonics and virtually zero hum. The sound on offer…
ANK is pleased to announce the first of the new L1 series - the L1 EL84 Integrated Amplifier - 17W per channel of pure CLASS AB1 brilliance!
Delivering close to 20W of CLASS AB power, this integrated can drive most any speaker but it is also ideal for ultimate delicacy and finesse and slam…
The amplifier is now a stellar part of the growing ANK Audiokits product line and an example of the ultimate in high end DIY audio!
ANK Audiokitis are proud to announce the latest version L4 EL34 C-Core amplification products producing the finest quality EL34/6CA7 integrated and…
ANK Audiokits is pleased to announce the highest level EL34 amplification product - the EL34 Artiste Triple C-Core Monoblocks 40W per channel.
We are pleased to announce the new "8th Anniversary Edition Kit1" - The original Kit1 is the product that started the Audio Note Kit business
To celebrate the wonderful history of the Kit1 we are releasing the Kit1-10th Anniversary Limited Edition with triple C-Core output transformers
The Interstage amplifier is our highest and most extreme expression of Single Ended Amplification reserved only for the true connoisseur audiophile
The new ALL C core version brings the interstages to a new level of audiophile appreciation
The Legends deliver that gorgeous zero feedback Single Ended triode sound.

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