Glasshouse Remote Control kit for Alps & TKD motorised pot

Glasshouse Remote Control kit for Alps & TKD motorised pot

We have now launched the Glasshouse Selector Remote Control Kit to be used in conjunction with the Glasshouse Remote Control kit for the Alps and TKD Motorised Potentiometers, both designed by Nick Gorham. For more details on the remote control kit please visit this PAGE.

The Glasshouse control board measures 80mm x 47mm x 25mm(h), it can be powered by 6.3V (standard heater supply) to 15V AC supply or a DC supply ranging from 6.3V to 15V DC.

Supplied fully built and tested, the sensor can easily be removed for positioning elsewhere, flying leads needed, make sure you fit the same way round. Available with or without programmed, ready to use, handset and Alps or TKD motorised potentiometer. Standoffs are optional too - 15mm, 20mm & 25mm.

Remote control measures 170mm x 45mm x 18mm and takes 2 x AAA batteries, not supplied.

We do provide the remote programmed and ready for use, however, this is the sequence to programme it, if you need to do the process again.

  1. Press the red O button (on/off) & Mute (picture of a speaker with a cross through it) and at the same time
  2. The LED stays on
  3. Then press 0513
  4. The LED will blink 3 times and it will now be ready for use
PRICE (1 off)

control board  - £42.00+vat+p&p
handset  - £10.00+vat+p&p Click HERE  for more information on the remote.
Alps motorised pot, 20K or 50K  - £30.00+vat+p&p
TKD 2CP-2511 MC motorised pot, 10K, 20K, 50K or 100K  - £93.56+vat+p&p


PDF datasheet

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