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Cube Audio Full Range Drivers

We first noticed Cube Audio while visiting the Warsaw Audio Video Show 2018. I founds myself returning many times to their room. I have never heard a full frequency driver sound so good. With defined bass, incredible detail and strong dynamics without being fatiguing. After a lengthy conversation with Grzegorz Rulka, the owner, we struck a deal. We are now proud to announce we are the UK distributors of not only Cube Audio`s drive units but their finished loudspeakers. For more information on their loudspeakers please click  HERE.

Cabinet designs are supplied for the listed drive units, but please note they are different to the designs of their finished products.

The new F10 Neo full range driver from Cube Audio is their flagship driver, with ultra powerful neodymium and new cone geometry. As featured in the...

Cube Audio F10 Neo fullrange driver

The F10 full range driver from Cube Audio with a powerful motor magnet and new cone geometry.

Cube Audio F10 fullrange driver

Cube Audio F8 Magus is the 8" flagship fullrange driver. With even more powerful motor and new coatings on the cone this is a real beast. We aimed...

Cube Audio F8 Magus full range driver

Cube Audio Fc8 is the 8" fullrange driver that provides second to none listening experience. Due to numerous In-house developed technologies, it i...

Cube Audio Fc8 full range driver

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