Wires, Cables & Sleeving

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We have an abundance of all types of wiring to improve your sound. There are a lot of highly priced cables on the market that are very much priced on exotic brand names. Here we have off reel wires and cables that are incredible value for money and can give you the same if not better performance than such brands.

Here we have numerous high quality hook up wires from the likes of Audio Note, Neotech, Amtrans and Jupiter to name but a few.

From manufacturers such Audio Note, Neotech, Cardas, Mundorf and Glasshouse to name a few. We have high end silver, silver/gold and copper…

We are happy to promote our range of mains cables such as Belden, Lapp and YA Audio. they offer superb performance.

The type of sleeving your use can influence the sound you hear. We have lots of different types - cotton, silk, expandable braid, heat shrink,…

Here we have many brands of speaker cables, including Audio Note, Neotech, Cardas, Mundorf, Yarbo, Viablue Glasshouse and some OEMs.

Here we have a selection of Tonearm from makers such as Audio Note and Cardas. Great alternatives to the medium cost wires manufacturers use.

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