Black Gate Electrolytic Capacitors

There are very few audio parts that promise a guaranteed improvement when upgrading, but this is what the BLACK GATE™ capacitors actually do. BLACK GATE™ are recognised worldwide as the best electrolytics capacitors money can buy. Black Gates are no longer made so we now have limited stocks.

A family of very compact capacitors capable of delivery the high performance of larger capacitors.

Replaced the earlier SKz type. The WKz are developed for use in vacuum tube amplifier power supply smoothing. Unrivalled in bandwidth.

The champion of electrolytic capacitors, sonically superior to all conventional electrolytic caps by a substantial margin, a great performer

For loudspeaker crossover networks, provides a solution to the problem of linear low level signal energy transfer, highly regarded.

Designed for coupling between circuits with a direct current potential difference. Featuring great leakage and distortion characteristics.

Successfully eliminating ion distortion and other non-linear distortions, used in audio signal and power supply applications mostly.     

Developed from the already remarkable K series capacitors, the Black Gate N type are regarded as the best for low voltage signal use.

Non-polar types with high voltage AC operation in mind, extended up to 350 volt. This allows them to be used in power supplies.

The WK "power tank" adds to the already tremendous advantages of the non-polarized capacitors by offering high voltage operation.       

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