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Duelund CAST Graphite Silver Resistors

Duelund CAST Graphite Silver Resistors

New from DUELUND, a step up from their standard resistors are their amazing CAST resistors. Constructed from a graphite rod with silver terminals in a phenolic cylinder for protection, using a high temperature epoxy, both as a cavity-fill within the cylinder, and to encapsulate the graphite element. This gives each part incredible mechanical stability, and incredible damping properties. They have practically zero inductance, with a 5% tolerance.The special charcteristic about this resistor is that it displays a negative temperature coefficient. For example, when the voice coil of a speaker heats up, it's impedance rises. The DUELUND Graphite Resistor counteracts this by means of a decreasing impedance. The results are greatly improved dynamics from the driver.

Diameter = 8mm, length = 65mm to 135mm.

Power Ratings:

  • 0.5R-1R2 are 5 watts
  • 1R5-30R are 10 watts typically
  • 39R-75R are 5 watts typically
  • above 75R are 10 watts typically

PRICE: £25.00+vat+p&p

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