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PRP PR9372 Series Metal Film

The PR9372 Audio Resistor are manufactured in Mediapolis, Iowa USA by Precision Resistive Products Inc. and have been designed into many high end audio products around the world. Designed specifically for audio use after exhaustive listening tests were performed by a well-known high-end audio manufacturer who auditioned 10 different prototypes – all of which had a unique blend of materials and manufacturing techniques. The winning design became the PR9372.

These resistors are metal film, a Ni-Chrome thin film construction, completely non-magnetic, offering a high resolution sound. They have a flat frequency response with incredibly low distortion and low thermal EMF. We have selected to stock the 1%, 100ppm tolerance range. Our plan is to carry full stock of the E24 range of the 0.25W and 0.5W and the E12 range of the 1W. Our first purchase lists the full E12 range of all three wattages with the second purchase to complete all the values to arrive late December 2012.
They are resonably priced coming in somewhat lower than the Takman metal films.

Power rating: 0.25W, 0.5W & 1W
Flat Frequency Response, Low Distortion
Low Thermal EMF
Excellent Definition
Alpha-Numeric Marking
High Quality Ceramic Substrate
Controlled Film Deposition & Spiraling
Operating Temperature Range -55°C to 155°C
Voltage rating: 0.25W - 300V, 0.5W & 1W - 500V
Lead material OFHC Copper, tin Coating
Tolerance: 1%, 100ppm

0.25W, PR 9372-1/4
  BODY: diameter: 2.75mm, length: 7.5mm
  LEAD: diameter: 0.6mm, length: 35mm

0.5W, PR 9372-1/2
  BODY: diameter: 3.5mm, length: 9.5mm
  LEAD: diameter: 0.6mm, length: 35mm

1W, PR 9372-1
  BODY: diameter: 4.5mm, length: 15mm
  LEAD: diameter: 0.8mm, length: 35mm

PRICE 1 off
0.25W - £0.29+vat+p&p
0.5W - £0.39+vat+p&p
1W - £0.56+vat+p&p



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