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With our recent acquisition of www.audio-components.co.uk we are lauching into the drive units mark...

Loudspeaker Drive Units

Here we list all capacitor types for all types of audio applications. A wide range of makes from Audio Note to Jantzen.


We carry many excellent audio grade brands of resistors to suit all occasions. From Audio Note to Takmans.


Here we have all the inductors, including the vast range from Mundorf, the exotic wax inductors from Duelund and the low cost range from Glasshouse...

Here we have all types of connectors, be it plugs or sockets. We have many RCAs, binding posts, spades, banana plugs, power connectors, cartridge p...


We have an abundance of all types of wiring to improve your sound. there is a lot of highly priced cables on the market that are very much priced o...

A key part of any hi-fi is the volume control. Here we list many for all the leading Audio Grade manufacturers such as TKD, Noble, Audio Note, Alps...


From on/off to selector switches and from stepped attenuator switches to tape source switches we have a large array from the best audio grade switc...


For those who want to improve the performance of their potentiometers why not replace them with a stepped attenuator. They instantly provide better...

stepped attenuators

We have a great array of easy flow solders from Mundorf, WBT and Cardas.


Here we have various tag boards, tag strips and valve base holders to help the scratch builder.

Tag board

For the finishing touch on your hi-fi choose from our large array of control knobs.

control knobs

Here we have our collection of diodes, bridge rectifiers and Dexa`s superb line of regulators and op-amps.


Here we have a great choice of transformer, from manufacturers such as Audio Note and Glasshouse, with all the different audio application types yo...


Here we have various DIY modules where you can upgrade integral parts within you audio equipment such as, for example, your valve heater supplies....

Here we have all accessory parts associated with loudspeakers, such as spikes, push-on connectors and wadding.

Loudspeaker Accessories

Here we have numerous tools for the constructor and development tools for budding designers.

Tool Box

Here we have accessories from the likes of Rothwell Audio Products (in-line attenuators) HRT (USB DACs), Glasshouse`s wooden feet to name a few....

Hi-Fi Accessories

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