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From on/off to selector switches and from stepped attenuator switches to tape source switches we have a large array from the best audio grade switch makers in the World.

Great brands for all your attenuator and TVC needs, such as Elma and Seiden. 1,2 & 3 pole - 23,24,34 and 43 step switches available.

Attenuator switches

Various mains switches on offer, rotary, rocker, double pole single throw, double pole double throw. Good qualiy mains switches.

mains switches

Choose from the likes of Seiden, Elma and the Chinese blue for your selector solutions. As normally featured on pre-amp and integrated amplifiers....

Selector Switches

For those that need to select between the "tape in" and other sources. Slightly old school but a great solution to preventing positive feedback whe...

We have extension kits, rod coupliers and stainless steel rods all so you can control your switch at the front panel while it is located at the bac...

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