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Polystyrene Capacitors

Polystyrene capacitors are world renown for their incredibly stability and fabulous tone. A low cost capacitor that offers a broad range of values starting from 10pF up to 10000pF. We stock OEMs, LCRs and Xicons.

Polystyrene capacitors have been long time favorite capacitor of audiophiles and high-end audio manufactures. Polystyrene Film capacitors are very...

OEM Polystyrene Capacitors

British made polystyrene capacitors from LCR have a great reputation. We stock numerous values over a broad range of voltage ratings with various t...

LCR Polystyrene Capacitors

Low voltage, 50Vdc, polystrene capacitors from Xicon Passive Components is the US. They have a tolerance of 5% and offer a good performance for sig...

Xicon Polystrene Capacitors

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