Repairs & Upgrades

Please be aware Hi-Fi Collective Ltd takes no responsibility for any work carried out by the below engineers.  

We are happy to advise customers with parts selection for their upgrades and builds however we are just too busy to take on the physical work in-house. So for those who are looking to get their equipment repaired or upgraded please consult the following list of Hi-FI Collective recommended engineers. Please contact them directly.

David Cole


Telephone: 07821718246

Location: Northamptonshire

Write up: Dave has 40 years of experience in the audio industry and is a fully qualified and skilled repair and service engineer. Having worked with Korg and Marshalls he has gained extensive valve and solid-state design knowledge. Now he is self-employed he is more than happy to help with repairs and upgrades of HI-FI and guitar equipment. The highest standard of work guaranteed. All work is carried out in a fully equipped workshop.


Dave Hunter

Classic Valve Amps


Telephone: 07860 412184

Location: Nottinghamshire



Write Up: Hi, I am a Chartered Electrical Engineer and have been building, designing, and repairing all types of amps (mainly valve) for +45 years. Based in North Notts. I have now decided to concentrate solely on valve amplification, whether that be for HiFi or guitar. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line using the above email address or via the contact page on my website if you need any help. My basic principle when repairing customers’ equipment is to leave as much original as possible and only change components when absolutely necessary or where there is a known modification that enhances performance, I don’t subscribe to the ‘shotgun’ method of changing things until it works – a bit of theory and experience goes a long way! Many Thanks, Dave.  


Stuart Smith

Berkshire Guitar Amplifier Repairs


Telephone: 07753434269

Location:  Reading, Berkshire


Write Up: Greetings! I have 45 years of experience in electronic design, manufacturing, and repair. I started off at the BBC and then formed my own design company, Racom Ltd. I am now self-employed having sold out my interest in Racom many years ago. I work from a large workshop attached to my house. My work is 95% valve guitar amplifiers, the older the better! I do a lot of repairs each year. I really enjoy renovating the older amplifiers. I can also undertake design work if you have ‘a project’! Drop me an email at the supplied address.


Anthony Matthews

Tube Distinctions


Telephone:  01443 814738

Location:  Mid Glamorgan South Wales

Write Up: Valve Audio equipment manufacture service and repairs.


Tom Cundall

Telephone: 07787890749

Location: London


Write up: Services and repairs guitars of all types to a very high standard, and many other instruments (just ask) he also builds Custom build electric guitars.


Frazer Marchant-North

Specialists in HiFi Repairs


Telephone: 07763 746174

Location:  Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire


Write Up: My name is Frazer. I run a company called Hifi Healer based in Hertfordshire, UK. We are the only official repair agent for the likes of Mcintosh, Gryphon, Marten, YBA and more within the UK. Our team has over 35 years of experience in audio repair and we have all the infrastructure in place ready to receive, repair and service any items you may have in need of repair. Our head engineer is a bench trained technician for Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood, Marantz, Denon, Audiolab, Teac and Nakamichi and there is nothing we can't repair.

We can do on-site repairs if the faulty unit is too large or fragile to ship. For example, a speaker with a faulty driver. we can drive to the customers house and repair it without the speaker ever being moved. This would be the same standard charge with additional costs for travel + time.

We have a fully operational workshop with all the equipment in place to service, diagnose and repair nearly any unit that comes to us with a very quick turnaround time (depending, of course, on parts availability).







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