Silver Mica Capacitors

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Silver Mica Capacitors

Manufactured from selected Indian ruby muscovite having optimum electrical characteristics. Copper-clad steel leads finished with a solder coating for excellent solderability. Epoxy dipped for superior heat, moisture, vibration and solvent resistance. These capacitors work well in the signal position, also feedback networks, RIAA networks and tone control networks. Used heavily in guitars and guitar amps too. High reliability and capacitance stability. Meets specifications of MIL-C-5 and RS-153 and ISO 9002 certified.

Technical specifications:

Dead Dimensions: 0.6mm dia x 60mm length
Capacitance Values: 1pF - 10000pF
Voltage Values: 500Vdc
Temperature range: -55 to +150C degrees
Capacitance Tolerance: +/- 5%


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