Toshin Jovial UTSJ Electrolytic Capacitors

Toshin Jovial UTSJ Electrolytic Capacitors

Toshin Kogyo Co. Ltd is based in Japan and has been making electrolytic capacitors since the 60s. Drawing on years of experience their high grade for audio type UTSJ (Jovial) which are very popular in Japan and are commonly seen in the shops of the Audio component stalls of Akihabara, Tokyo. The Jovials were developed with the Audio user in mind, with top audio engineers involved in their creation. Sonically they provide a clean detailed response. They are reasonably priced and offer a great alternative to the range of Cerafines and Nichicons we stock.

So we are proud to announce that we now have in stock a large proportion of the Jovail range.


  • capacitance range - 0.47uF to 18000uF
  • votlage range - 6.3Vdc to 63Vdc
  • temperature range - -40 to +85 degree C
  • tolerance - +/-20%


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