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Here we list all the different types of valves, 9 pin inputs and output valves, octals, 8 pin input and output valves and UX4 to name a few...

A huge range of pre-amp, input valve, phase splitter and driver valves. B9A (9 pin) & B7G (7 pin) listed here. Such as the 12AX7, ECC82, 6AU6 a...

Here we have the 8 pin input, phase splitter valves such as the 6SN7, 6J5 and 6SL7.

We have a large range of 8 pin output valves, such as the EL34, KT88, 6550 etc..

Here we have valves such as the famous 300B, 211, 645, EL84 etc

For all your valve power supply needs, we have the great GZ34, 5U4 and EZ81 etc...

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