Power valves, Octal, 8-pin

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We have a large range of 8 pin output valves, such as the EL34, KT88, 6550 etc..

A beam power pentode with 50W anode dissipation. Can replace KT88s or 6550s.
Equivalent to the 6L6 valve, but with 20% higher ratings. A beam tetrode.
Ultra linear beam power tetrode, the American version of the KT88.
Similar to the EL34, but with more grunt. Very strong power pentode.
A very popular beam power tetrode used in guitar and hi-fi amplifiers.
A beam power pentode. Popular in guitar amplifiers.
A 35W anode dissipation beam tetrode. Often overlooked but a great performer.
A beam power pentode designed for use as an AF amplifier output valve.
A popular 25W anode dissipation output pentode.
A 30W anode dissipation beam tetrode. As used in the Quad II.
High plate dissipation beam tetrode. High quality, high output valve.

A beam tetrode valve - a great alternative to EL34's

The KT120 is a beam pentode power valve and has a plate dissipation of 60 watts.
With a massive plate dissipation of 70 watts, the KT150 is the most powerful octal beam tetrode ever produced.
The KT170 is a high-end tetrode power tube. Designed to amplify low frequencies in the output stages of Hi-Fi.

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