Pre-amp, driver valves B9A & B7G

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A huge range of pre-amp, input valve, phase splitter and driver valves. B9A (9 pin) & B7G (7 pin) listed here. Such as the 12AX7, ECC82, 6AU6 and 6922 to name a few.

A miniture, small signal dual triode, sutiable for voltage amplifier and driver stage application.
This valve was designed for low frequency amplification, a double triode.
A popular triode, output pentode enclosed in one envelope.
A popular triode, output pentode enclosed in one envelope.
Widely used double triode. Sometimes called the 6H30, 6N30.
B9A double triode valve, similar to a 6992/ECC88 but with a 7.6Vac heater.
Excellent small signal pentode. Very popular as an input valve.
Triode section and pentode section in the same envelope.
Double triode driver valve, can be used in place of 5687, E182CC, 6840 and 6BC7.
The 6CG7 valve is a general purpose medium mu double triode valve.
Very popular medium-mu twin triode. Same as a 12AT7.
A very popular twin triode valve. Same as 12AU7.
A medium-mu double triode. Electro-Harmonix make 2 types.
Very popular twin triode valve. Numerous makes and types available.
A medium-mu twin triode originally designed as a driver in TV sets.

The 5687 is a miniature, medium-mu twin triode for use in general-purpose. amplifier applications.

Single triode device used for wide band amplification
The 5751 is equivalent to the ECC83 but has a lower mu figure than the ECC83/12AX7.
The 6AU6 is a small RF pentode in a 7-pin miniature envelope.
The 6189 is an ECC82/12AU7 equivalent valve. Designed for long life.
A medium-mu twin triode. Equivalent to the ECC88.E88CC, 6DJ8 and 7308 valve

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