Vifa Drive Units

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Vifa’s core values have always been passion, craftsmanship and a continuous drive for obtaining an authentic sound. Vifa's new divers are produced by Tymphany (makers of peerless and scanspeak also), and the classic ranges are made in Denmark. Here we have a selection of drivers new and old...

Vifa make some very efficient and smooth sounding compact tweeters, you can find info on all the stocked units here.

Used by the likes of Aerial Acoustics, these vifa midrange drivers offer great performance.

Vifa woofers have been used all over the world by speaker manufacturers (Ruark and Apogee to name a few) and feature in countless kits and DIY…

Vifa make some state of the art Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet subwoofers with exceptional and extended linear response.

Vifa produce a range of high performance Full Range drivers for TV products, sound bars and other compact applications.

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