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Vifa Midrange

Used by the likes of Aerial Acoustics, these vifa midrange drivers offer great performance.

The D75MX-41 is a 76mm soft dome midrange, with low moving mass, low distortion and excellent linear response.

Vifa D75MX-41 8 ohm Midrange Driver

Replacement for Aerial Acoustics Model 6 Midrange. The M11MH-09 driver is a low resonance, low distortion deisgn featuring a coated paper cone, lo...

Vifa M11MH-09 8 ohm Woofer

This 4 inch 8 ohm member of the NE family has leading-edge transducer technology packaged in a cutting edge, stylistic design. The woofers in this...

Vifa NE123-W08 8 ohm MidWoofer

The PL series is designed for the discerning audiophile customer. To meet the needs of this audience, several new technologies were developed with...

Vifa PL11WH09 8 ohm MidWoofer

A 5" NRSC coated cone with wide profile low rubber surround has outstanding smooth extended bass response, famously flat frequency response, smooth...

Vifa PL14WJ09 8 ohm MidWoofer

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