Le Clanché Signal Path Tin Foil Polypropylene Capacitors

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Le Clanché Signal Path Tin Foil Polypropylene Capacitors

Presenting the KPS 63 metallised polypropylene, tin foil signal capacitors from Le Clanche (Switzerland). The SignalPath range combines special heat-flattened winding techniques with a polypropylene-tin foil construction to give an exceptional audio performance, specifically designed for signal use.  The KPS 63 series offers incredible audio performance at an affordable price.

Using a specially developed winding technique the wind has is a cleaner start at the beginning of the winding process. The films are better aligned, allowing for wrinkle-free winding from beginning to end. This results in improved, homogenous electrical characteristics of the capacitors. This is further improved by flattening the capacitors into an oval shape on a hot press. This gives better tan-d values that increase the life of the capacitor, and, of course, a lower physical profile, ideal for space-limited applications, and more resilient to applications where vibration is an issue.  



  • capacitance: 0.01uF to 0.22uF
  • voltage: 630Vdc
  • Tolerance: 5%
  • compact size
  • Metaillised polypropylene / tin foil
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