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Duelund Capacitors

Duelund Coherent Audio from Denmark make seriously esoteric components for crossovers and signal use. Featuring Virtual Stack Foils and CAST types made of pure aluminium, copper or silver. The also produce the Alexander Copper Foils and the all new RS series.

The all new Duelund JDM Silver foil capacitors are with us. Fresh from their new factory, providing an amazing performance and an incredible price....

Duelund JDM Silver Capacitors 600Vdc

The all new JDM Copper Foils from Duelund are with us. The range extends from 0.01uF to 2.2uF. At a truly remarkable price this gives everyone the...

Duelund JDM Copper Foil Capacitor

The Duelund JDM Copper Foil capacitors are new off the production line at the newly revamped Duelund Factory. Now fully equipped with the Jensen wi...

Duelund JDM Tinned Copper Capacitors 600Vdc

NEW 100Vdc rated loudspeaker crossover capacitors from Duelund - Tinned Copper Foil, an upgrade from the standard Copper CAST

Duelund CAST PIO Tinned Copper Capacitors 100Vdc

Duelund's line of 630Vdc Tinned Copper CAST capacitors, the perfect decouplier cap a brilliiant upgrade from the Copper CAST.

Duelund CAST PIO Tinned Copper Capacitors 630Vdc

A step up from the VSF, the CAST capacitors are potted in Duelunds special potting compound to reduce vibration to practically nothing.

Duelund silver CAST capacitors

The Virtual stack foil capacitor, made of aluminium, copper or silver foil and high-density paper, a supreme capacitor.

Duelund VSF

New to the Duelund stable of capacitors are the tinned copper foil, paper in oil capacitors. Building on the success of their tinned copper wire th...

Duelund Jam Tinned Copper Foil Paper in Oil Capacitors

New to Duelund are these superb copper foil capacitors, great for signal caps and in speaker crossovers.

Duelund Alexander Copper Foil Capacitors

Duelund have extended their range of RS capacitors with their lower cost RS Mylar range. These are constructed from metalized mylar using paper and...

Duelund RS Mylar 200Vdc Capacitors

The RS series replace the VSF series of capacitors, employing superior techniques as used to make the CAST range.

Duelund RS Loudspeaker 100Vdc capacitors

The RS series replace the VSF series of capacitors, employing superior techniques as used to make the CAST range.

 Duelund RS Electronic 400Vdc Capacitors

The DuelundBypass capacitors are specially designed to be put in parallel with coupling and/or crossover capacitors. Offering a much increased perf...

 Duelund Silver Foil Precision Bypass Capacitors

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