Duelund Jam Tinned Copper Foil Paper in Oil Capacitors - REMAINING STOCK

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Duelund Jam Tinned Copper Foil Paper in Oil Capacitors

Following the amazing success of Duelunds tinned copper wire, Duelund has applied the same principle to the all-new JAM capacitors. These aluminium housed paper in oil capacitors use tinned plated copper foil as their electrode and pure paper in oils as their dielectric. The sound signature offering a detailed "live" sound.

The lead-out closest to the "D" in Duelund is connected to the outer foil, and as such should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground.


  • Tinned copper electrode
  • Paper in oil dielectric
  • Insulated aluminium housing
  • 1mm diameter tinned copper lead-outs, length 90mm
  • Voltage rating - 630Vdc
  • values available: 0.022uF to 3.3uF


With the demise of Jensen and Duelunds's access to their machinery, Duelund is no longer able to produce the JAM range of capacitors. We do have some stocks left, just click BUY NOW.

However, Duelund is launching the all-new JDM and JDM CAST range. JDM is short for Jensen Domestic Market, a homage to the 100-year production legacy in Denmark that Jensen Capacitors stood for. The capacitor will be available in several pure metal foils and dielectrics, to cover pretty much all audio bases – be it for loudspeaker or electronics.

Standard sizes will be 0.001uF – 100uF, voltages rating will be low level to 600Vdc. With the JDM, their aim is to offer the ultra-high material quality Duelund is known for while leveraging the production power, they have available through the acquisition of Jensen’s production line. The net effect is, that they will offer a fully Danish made pure metal foil “wet” capacitor with premium materials sourced from Germany and Switzerland - at pricing we have never been able to before. The new range is available in Silver and Copper.

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