Duelund JDM Pure Silver Capacitors

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Duelund JDM Pure Silver Capacitors

The Duelund JDM Pure Silver Foil capacitors are the first off the production line at the newly revamped Duelund Factory. Now fully equipped with the Jensen winding and impregnation machines. JDM stands for Jensen Domestic Market, a nod to the recently closed Jensen capacitor manufacturing company that Duelund worked so closely with.

The JDM Silvers are suitable for speaker crossovers, signal electronics, and bypass capacitors.

Please note - they are the superior replacement for the discontinued Duelund Silver Foil Precision Bypass Capacitors.

They are constructed with a wax paper in oil dielectricum, previously reserved for their top of the line CAST series. The paper separating the silver foils are vacuum impregnated in a deep vacuum 100 times lower, than what was possible at the old factory. Following this, the windings are also wax impregnated to help seal the winding completely. This formula makes an incredibly robust high performing capacitor at an amazing price considering they are constructed from silver foil.

The outer material is made from paper, which the capacitor wind sits within, it is further potted inside using the same material as their CAST models. 

The outer lead out, closest to the edge of the capacitor, is connected to the outer foil and as such should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground, generally the signal output.

  • 3 values available, 0.01uF, 0.022uF and 0.047uF
  • Rated at either 100Vdc or 600Vdc
  • 10% capacitance tolerance
  • Pure silver lead-outs

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