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Audio Note

Here we have the entire range of Audio Note transformers. From moving coils to chokes and pre-amp output transformers to digitial interface transformers.

Audio Note valve output transformers are arranged into three catagories in order to offer the best possible outputs at different price points

Audio Note output transformer, TRANS-305 double C-core version with copper shrouds fitted

Audio Note have always be advocates of the pre-amplifier output transformer. Instead of using an anode resistor / signal capacitor on the pre-amp o...

Audio Note Pre-amp output transformers fitted with copper frames

It is becoming increasingly obvious that applying transformer at every stage of an amplifier yields a great benefit in sound quality, provided off...

Audio Note interstage transformers

The Audio Note digital interface transformers offer a massive improvement of standard types you find in CD transports.

Audio Note Digital Interface Transformers

Audio Note manufacture a wide range of chokes for all your power supply and plate loading needs. Here we have their full selection.

Audio Note chokes

Here we have Audio Notes range of mains transformers, specifically linked to The original Audio Note kits, Like the Kit 1, 300B SE stereo power amp...

Audio Note Mains Transformers

Audio Note offer the most extensive range of low level matching transformers on the market, and off course by far the best as well, these matching...

Audio Note Moving Coil

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