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Interstage, Driver Transformers

Audio Note interstage transformers with copper shrouds fitted

It is becoming increasingly obvious that applying transformer at every stage of an amplifier yields a great benefit in sound quality, provided off course the transformer in question is of an appropriate quality and design.

Replacing any coupling capacitor with a well designed and correctly matched driver or interstage transformer yields an almost shocking improvement in sound and should be tried to fully understand what a good wideband transformer has to offer.

Audio Note offer 3 types based on your preferred interstage valve. There are various versions of each available not only copper (primary winding) / copper (secondary winding) but also copper / Audio Note™ silver and all Audio Note™ silver wired versions. There are also the I/E or double C-core versions with different core materials available too.

All Copper – Copper transformers have copper lead out wires, Copper – Silver have copper on the primary and Audio Note silver leadout wires on the secondary and silver naturally silver all round.

All Audio Note`s interstage transformers are the same size,  copper frames come as standard, 78mm wide by 67mm high by 67mm deep, with mounting holes centre to centre at 54mm by 54 mm both with transformer standing up or lying down. However, as a higher quality option we do offer them with solid copper shrouds, as shown in the top right picture, for an additional £ 56.00 per transformer. The copper shroud being non-magnetic improves not only RF influx, but also low level behaviour as it does not short out the airgap on the higher permeable cores like the AN Ultra HiB and the nickel cores this is essential for optimal performance.


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