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Glasshouse inductors

Glasshouse have developed a range of low cost quality inductors using high purity copper at 0.8mm except where indicated. We have found the optimum wire thickness for superb clarity and definition. For the ferrite cores we use the Super Power Ferrite (dust) cores, these are available in values above 0.8mH. Below 0.8mH we suggest using the air-cored type.

If you wish for values out of these ranges get in contact and we will give you a quote. All inductors ordered in pairs will be matched. Maximum sizes are as follows:
30mm dia x 23mm high, 17mm core (air core)
34mm dia x 30mm high, 20mm core (ferrite bobbin)
27mm dia x 62mm high (long ferrite core)
(obviously size dia will reduce with lower values)


Air Core - From £4.25 +vat +p&p

Ferrite Core - From £5.81 +vat +p&p


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