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Customer Crossover Upgrade

After seeing our Crossover Upgrade video on Youtube a customer was inspired to do his own modifications. Instead of replacing all the components, he decided to only replace the components that the signal travelled through to get to the speakers. The other components that send the unwanted signal to ground were left intact.


Elekit Setup

Images from a valued customer of his setup centred around a The Elekit TU-8200R kit

With a description of his setup below,

  • VPI Classic 3 turntable with a Lyra Delos cartridge
  • ASR Mini Basis Exclusive Phono
  • Gamit CD3 player
  • ELEKIT TU-8500DX pre amp...
Passive crossover parts QualitySpec determination by P A Coupe

P A Coupe from Reference Fidelity Components has been an associate of Hi-Fi Collective for some years. A keen and passionate enthusiast of all things Hi-Fi and he spends hours listening to his creations to wonderful...

Catch up with what's new at Hi-Fi Collective, August 2020
Hi Guys,
I would like to pass on our best wishes to you all and thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.
It would appear that you guys have been incredibly busy upgrading, doing scratch builds, and renovating your old equipment during the lockdown period.
I feel the DIY industry is very buoyant at the moment. Our...


Here we have a blog post sent in by Mr S.C., regarding a recent build using a 2A3 circuit:



"They sound pretty good: engaging, natural, musical. This is quite surprising, especially considering that the 2A3's being used are only the basic Psvane "Hi-Fi" grade, and also that the interstage & output transformers are only Hammonds, which aren't the most...

Back to the resistor bake-off - jaudioresearch


Back to the resistor bake-off - written by jaudioresearch

Before I started my tests, I did put around 2 days of music through each resistor to give it some burn-in time as some manufacturers do recommend. Two days, in fact, is not much, as some people claim, that let's say Path Audio resistors take...

In this blog we see one of our Glasshouse passive pre-amplifiers being combined with a 48 step 10K Khozmo Stereo Series Stepped Attenuator. 


In the words of I.L: 


The Capacitor Bake-Off - jaudioresearch


Back to the Capacitor Bake-off - Written by jaudioresearch


I have built 3 exactly the same DAC boards, except 3 different types of electrolytic capacitors placed after the voltage regulator, forming CRC filter just before DAC/receiver chip. I need to say that I don't always like using the same type of caps in DAC...

The Bristol hi-Fi Show 2020

The Bristol Show is probably the largest of its kind in the UK. Located at the Marriot City Centre Hotel occupying 7 floors. Celebrating its 33rd year. Mark and I drove down on Friday to see what goodies were on offer.

After an easy 2hrs 30mins drive we parked up at the Caboot Circus Car Park as we would normally. The car park is just over the road from the Marriot and close to Wogan...

Warsaw Audio Video Show 2019


Here we are again... Last year we were so impressed with the Warsaw Audio Video Show in Poland we decided to return for the Weekend of 8th - 10th November 2019. What is now referred to as the 2nd biggest Hi-Fi Show in Europe is located in 3 venues. The PGE Nardowy Stadium occupied 2 floors of the Eastside and one floor on the West. One more than last year so the show is definitely...

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