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Dexa Technologies new discrete op-amps

Upgrade your op-amps with either the single or dual op-amps from NewClassD. An excellent upgrade that will really give your CD player, pre-amp or power amp a new lease of life.


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Charcroft resistors just got cheaper

Upgrade your resistor stepped attenuator, simply swap the input resistor for the supreme Charcroft resistors, sit back and hear the difference. 

Hificollective are investing heavily in Charcroft resistors stock as a result of their popularity.
So we are dropping the prices as the new stock arrives. Specifically 10K, 25K, 47K and 100K. These are the values you need to upgrade your...

Nichicon KG Type now in Stock

With the demise of Black Gate The KG series of electrolytic capacitors are a great alternative.

The range includes Gold Tune lugs and snap-ins and the delux Super Throughs.


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Switchcraft Black XLR plugs

Switchcraft Quick Twist Professional 3 Pin XLR male and female Cable Socket with Black Die Cast Zinc Shell and Gold Plated Contacts. The variable cable strain relief will accept cables in outside diameter range: 2.54mm-7.3mm.


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New mains switches

If you are building some hi-fi from scratch, drilling out the chassis can be an issue especially when you have to cut a rectangular hole. Far easier to use a drill and make round holes. These switches, one a snap in and one a screw fix, fit round holes.

Make life a little easier for your self.

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Glasshouse 43 Stepped attenuator

New to Hificollective is the Glasshouse Seiden 2 pole 43 way stepped attenuator using 1W Takmans as the base resistors. These can be the 1W carbon film or 1W metal film. These also feature the Charcroft Z-Foils as the input/load resistor – these are recognised as the best resistor for this task, by far. Pls note that we only have the Charcrofts up to 100K.

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Schuko silver plug

Superb quality EU Schuko Mains plug, silver plated pins. Can receive cable up to 13mm diameter (8mm if you use strain relief) Pins can receive cable up to 3mm diameter.


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Belden mains cable

World reknown as a superb mains cable and used throughout the industry. It also performs well as a speaker cable, just cut off the drain wire and earth. Overall diameter is 10mm. To use as a mains cable, wire as you would any normal plug and cut the foil back and wire the bare silver drain wire in with the earth at the plug end only. Trim off the foil and the drain wire at the other end.

Glasshouse 1:10 step ups transformers

Andy Grove designed step-up transformers from Glasshouse. Excellent value and supreme performance. Measuring 35mm diameter (top) 30mm (bottom), 35mm height. Transformer fitted in a Mu-metal can for optimum low noise. For mounting, 30mm cap clip needed.


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AN Kits EL34 push-pull amp

This is a very rugged EL34 Based Tube Power Amplifier operating in Push-Pull Class AB1. Providing 35W of EL34 valve power, dynamic, controlled and detailed. The driver section for each channel consists of an ECF80 tube (pentode input, triode phase splitter) all fitted on a high quality copper track thick PCB for easy building. High spec. low noise mains transformer is used with big bandwidth...

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