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6L6 Valve/Tube Comparison


Hi Guys

How valves sound is a question we are often asked here at HFC. We thought we would start the ball rolling with the 6L6s tube comparison session. Let me introduce our new recruit - Elliot Leech. Recently graduated from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Elliot is a talented individual, having already worked as a producer/session player/audio engineer with...

Meridian 201 upgraded with Charcroft Z-foil resistors and Audio Note Kaisei caps.

Recently replaced components in the output stage of a modified Meridian 201 preamplifier have been given time to “bed in”, although from the onset it was clear that there was a noticeable improvement in sound quality. The resistors replaced Vishay bulk foils and the capacitors replaced Rubycons.

Examples of tracks which were used at random for listening tests, as I know them all well;...

Neotech NES-3003 MKII

Everyone is familiar with screened interconnect cables;

The screen is soldered to the earth at the source end (pre-amp), and attached to the earth of the plug, with the signal wire soldered to the signal pin. At the target end (power-amp) the screen is cut short (and either soldered over or use heat-shrink to make sure there are no stray wires) and the signal soldered to the signal pin...

How to measure C-Coils - Set-up

This is a brief guide on measuing C-Coils from Jantzen, as they cannot be measured as simply as other inductor types. 

"As mentioned in our website, you cannot measure C-Coils, like you would measure normal induction coils.

First of all you need a professional LCR meter or CLIO, measuring at 1 volt 1 kHz.

Secondly you cannot measure the coil on its own, because even with a...

F&T Capacitors New Values

We have recently recieved a very large delivery of F&T capacitors to re-stock those ever-popular values. 

There are also 8 new values;

F&T Axial: 47uf, 100uf, 150uf, 220uf all rated at 250v and 220uf 500v

F&T LFA Radial: 100uf 350v, 100uf 500v and 150uf 160v

For more information on these products please click ...

Zigmahornets, Using Fostex FE103en and FT17H Drivers

I have recently made a pair of Zigmahornets for my study. I used a pair of FE103en full range drivers and later added a pair of FT17H super-tweeters. BSC and crossover circuits were constructed with components sourced from you. The cabinets are MDF and finished with chalk paint. They sound fantastic for the price. Imaging is spectacular and worthy of speakers costing many times more. They are...

Terminating Litz Cables using a solder bath

Here we have a pair of short, 1 metre, speaker cables featuring Audio Note`s new Isis LX 168 Reference Copper Litz cable terminated with Audio Note Silver Plated 4mm banana plugs. 

On the odd occasion we do get asked to make up special cables for customers, which we are happy to do. Now Audio Note cables are generally litz cables. Whereby every strand is polyurethane coated, the...

Loftin White based 45 SET amplifier

Here we have a fabulous single ended amplifier home built by Barry in the UK. Shown here is his second version of the famous Loftin White circuit with a few twists.

As the picture illustrates they are monoblocks; each with their own power supply. The chassis' are Hammond wooden edged, metal top plate type - a simple design that requires a little handy work but very easy to work with....

Hifi Collective Speaker Kit

We are pleased to be able to share with you a sneak preview of our first high efficiency speaker kit undergoing testing! This will be a two-way, front-ported cabinet designed by John Bryant, featuring a ScanSpeak tweeter and Volt woofer. We are looking forward to our first listen in the next few weeks.

Insulating Copper Capacitors with heat shrink

Many of you will be familiar with the process of insulating your copper capacitors to remove any potential risk of shorting. Using large heat-shrink makes this process much easier. Simply cut a piece 10% longer than the capacitor, this will allow the ends to roll over the end of the cap neatly, as in the image.

Heat-Shrink can also be used to insulate stepped attenuators and selector...

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