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Kaisei First Impressions

Kaisei First Impressions

This weeks blog comes from F.C. in regards to some recently purchased capacitors:


"I received today, among other parts, three Kaisei 4700uF/25v. Two for one of my gainclones and one for an old dac psu, feeded by batteries. 

I must report that I am very happy with the sound.
I allways used Silmic or Mundorf, where caps have an important influence in sound.
These are very good caps, apart from all the others, but the AN Kaisei are in another league.
They play well from the first minute. I believe they will sound even better, after the burn in period.
Pianos are very natural and sweet, bass is deep and tonal, melodious, not fat. The sound is effortless, sax is creamy. There is no competition for them. It's also a good thing that they are so litle and easy to install in very small cases. 
Thanks for having them available for all of us!"
Thanks to F.C. for writing in, we're glad you like the effect of your new caps!!
if you've been working on a project or have just found some new life changing components please let us know at info@hificollective.co.uk

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