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V-Cap Capacitors

We are proud to announce we now have stock of the full range of the amazing V-Cap range of capacitors, the copper foil in Teflon, CuTF, the tin foil in Teflon, TFTF and the oil impregnated Metalized Polypropylene, OIMPs.

Top specification range from V-Cap. Copper foil in fluoropolymer film capacitors, must be heard to be believed. Outstanding performance.

V-Cap CuTF

V-Cap TFTF (Tin Foil Fluoropolymer Film) capacitors are among the most coveted signal caps on the market.


The all new ODAM capacitors from V-Cap are here, building upon the success of the OIMP, the ODAM uses better materials and improved manufacturing t...

V-Cap ODAM Oil Damped Advanced Metalized Capacitors

The all-new V-cap TONE capacitor is a new series of guitar/amp capacitors from V-Cap, built for players who are passionate about unleashing the ful...

V-Cap TONE Capacitors

The V-Cap OIMP series combines the smooth musicality of paper in oil designs with the transparency and superior electrical properties of modern fil...


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